This list of webinars will give an idea of the themes that I will present, but the list is not complete. I have more ideas for webinars and plan to create a series of webinars or a course on humanism, and DEI (diversity, equality, inclusion). To get information about the updated plans, please sign up for the newsletter.

All themes are related to the work we do as ISTDP therapists and clinical work in general.


Spring 2023

Introduction to the psychology of humanism and DEI issues (diversity, equality, inclusion)

A follow-up on the introduction of humanism and DEI issues

The language of ISTDP – How does it work?

Research on defense mechanisms


Fall 2023

Equality and teaming up in the therapy room

Introduction and deep dives into Humanism, DEI issues, gender psychology

An introduction to social connectedness and therapeutic alliance

UTAs from the lens of psychological findings

Benefits of learning formats (ISTDP therapy) in professional training

Creativity in the therapy room