Maria at Thinking About Therapy will offer webinars, workshops and supervision to professional healthcare givers working with psychotherapy.


Thinking about Therapy

The reason to start Thinking about Therapy and the newsletter is simply that I find so much valuable research and literature in psychology goes unseen.


Thinking about Therapy offers webinars on a range of psychological phenomena relating to affect-focused therapy (ISTDP) and clinical work. All webinars will be in English, and I will try to schedule the webinars for both US and European time zones.

All webinars will be deep dives into how psychological research can be valuable to integrate into our therapeutic work. Possibly even more intriguing, I would like to show that psychology can also explain what is going on in ISTDP therapy, and how it might make ISTDP less complicated to learn and work with.

Blog and newsletter

I have created a blog and a newsletter for Thinking of Therapy. In the blog, I will present more about the psychological findings and how they can be valuable to integrate into ISTDP therapy and clinical work.

The newsletter will be sent out once a month with the updated program of webinars and blog texts, so it will be easy to follow what is going on. The blog will be accessible to anyone who has signed up for the newsletter.

If you work in health care services and in an ISTDP-inspired way and would find interest in knowing more about therapeutic language, updates on defense mechanisms, prejudice, values and motivations, decorations in the therapy room, and other psychological findings, and how all this may affect the therapy process, you will probably find the webinars from Thinking of Therapy of interest.